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Can VM recruit someone who can carry out simple tasks?

On our wavelength

I am getting so sick and tired of VM CS either straight up lying or do half a job!

First of all I'm supposed to get 1gb speed but I'm not despite connected via ethernet so the CS tried helping me out and couldn't resolve the issue so he said he will send out hub5 along with a pod as my wifi is weak around the house too.

Couple days later I got the pod and a day later instead of getting the hub5 I just got a power cable for the hub5?!

I contacted VM again and explained I only got the power cable, the advisor tells me hub5 are now out of stock and call back end of month.

It was hard to believe and so I contacted VM via whatsapp and the person said they will send out hub5 no issue and I also requested an extra pod to be sent out as I need 2 of them. Whatsapp advisor assured me no problem both will be sent.

2 days later (today), I received just hub5 and no pod...back on whatsapp and apparently it was left out and I will get the pod in the next 24 hours.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What speed does a wired test on this site show.  Run the FULL tests and post the result here please.

The Hub must be in Router mode for this site to work, it will not work in modem mode.

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After installing the hub5 I am getting 950+ mb which I am happy about. From the samknows site I'm getting around 1088 router side and 950 device side.

The whole started with lower speed than expected but then it turned into poor customer service. VM charging high prices with high price hikes but they need to invest some of that into CS as it is super poor atm


It's because there's no more trained monkeys left so virgin media have a smaller talent pool to select from.