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Alternative modem/router than VM's hub 4/5

Tuning in

Looking for cheap alternatives to VM's hubs.

A device that receives DOCSIS 3.1 cable connection, and has several RJ45 sockets to connect other devices to.

Do Docsis 3.1 to Ethernet converter's exist ?



It's quite simple: VM will not provision a modem or hub which isn't supplied by VM, and no cable operator anywhere in the world has a different policy unless compelled otherwise by its regulator. In the US the FCC permits third party equipment to be used unless:

  • It isn’t compatible with the network.
  • It would cause some kind of harm.
  • It was designed to let customers obtain services they didn't pay for.
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@davep123456 wrote:

Apparently you can

I have had a chat with VM and basically I was told yes its possible & allowed. just dont expect and support from VM.Screenshot_20230224_102637_com.whatsapp.jpg

You asked the wrong questions, you should have asked "can I use a third party router and remove the VM Hub altogether" and the answer would have been a resounding "No"

The Hub has to be activated by VM services, there is no other way around this or a good percentage on here would be doing it. It is not possible, the closet you'll get is putting the Hub in modem mode and connecting your own third party router which is good enough as the router will handle all traffic, firewall, port forwarding etc, the Hub does nothing and is only used as a gateway. Removing the Hub has no real benefit accept one less thing sitting on a shelf or table 🙂

I suggest moving on and just sticking the Hub in modem mode and connect your own device, you'll only wreck your own head and get the same answers my friend 🙂


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Joining in

Virgin media's network runs purely on a Signal and Noise balance transmitting frequencies back and forth. They do not allow third party modems (HUBs). Due to the balance of the network. The network runs like a very complicated harmony. One single voice off key and the whole thing is affected. For example customers who have loose connections and non compliant cable get isolated by a engineer from the network to prevent issues for other customers. You adding your own kit on may cause a imbalance for what ever reason. Now that being said this only really applies to the HFC network (hybrid fiber coax). If you live in a fiber to the home area it is just light so the interference from hard wired devices is reduced but the way the fibre Omnibox is designed it still has a coax connection. Thier hubs are activated via mac address and then the hub is uploaded with your specific configuration file.... it is thej provisioned with all of your individual settings. Hence the problem, of not having your own equipment.... 

Alessandro Volta

I have no idea what R6ehd is saying

You cab run a docsis modem to VM network without problem its just that VM don't want to support this or allow it as it is VM dose modem mode so no problem running your own equipment as long as you use the hub. As for the hub 5x modem mode needs to be added or VM will have customers leave after install or their will be customers that believe VM will add modem mode and wait it out and if nothing is done leave after the contract is up and never look back.