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Potential fraud

Joining in


I don't have a Virgin Media service but received a text message today from a genuine Virgin Media source, with the message:

Hi, it's Virgin Media. To review your pre-contract docs head here: ...........

This also points to a genuine Virgin Media web page.  Could VM check that my personal details aren't being used fraudulently to purchase a service please?  Happy to provide more information in a private message so that this can be checked.



On our wavelength

By far, the most likely explanation is that someone has simply mis-typed their number when signing up and, by chance, it happens to be yours.

You are right to want to check this, but please don’t be too concerned.

On our wavelength

You can go to and paste in the URL you received, this will open the URL in a sandbox, so if malicious you should be safe, but will also let you see what details have been used.


Do not click the link, long press on it and copy.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi gw7,

Thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear you've received what seems to be a genuine email from us, despite not being a customer.

As Flockwallpaper has advised, it is completely possible that someone's email was entered incorrectly which has coincidently ended up being your email address, but we will be able to check.

I've dropped you a PM so I can take your email address and look into this for you.