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How do I change my email password?

Joining in

Following my ntlworld email address being locked a VM operative changed my password over the phone. I want to change this password again - but I cant see how to do that? It doesnt seem to be in the settings menu.  I'm not very tech savvy - can someone help please?


@Jeffman25 wrote:

I believe my email address has been hacked as people are receiving spam emails from me, so need to change my password, but I have an ntlworld account with no virgin media package linked. How do I resolve this issue?

So are you saying that you are not a current VM broadband customer? If so then the email mailbox is orphaned and liable to deletion at any time. Once the forum team get to this message, then they will probably offer to contact you for further details. However it is quite possible that the only thing they will be able to do is arrange for the mailbox to be fully deleted.

If you go to and enter your email address, is there a link for 'forgotten password'? If that doesn't work or leads you in a circle, then the only option is to wait for the forum team.

That link just takes me to my emails. If I log out & do forgot password it doesn't seem to do anything. Hopefully the forum team are able to do something 🤞🏻

Hi Jeffman25,

If you ,are no longer a Virgin Media customer we are unable to help reset your password, all we can do is permanently delete the Emil address.