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Homeworks F-secure Activation key

Tuning in

I recently upgraded my package to include Homeworks which gives access to F-secure.  I already had an F-secure account so I cancelled the payment I had made in December 2023 and tried renewing through Virgin.  However I need an activation key and there is nothing on any of the emails sent to me with this information.  My F-secure licence expires in 2 days, if this is not resolved by then I will be invoking my 14 day cancellation rights and going back to the old (and cheaper) package.

I have tried ringing Virgin but it's impossible to speak to a human being.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Chumphries,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you have not received your activation key for F-Secure, Home-works is covered by a separate company, have you called them on 0800 0147398 to see if they can assist or send another activation code?





Hi, no I haven't called them as I didn't have any contact details and thought this was a service provided by Virgin Media.  I will call them in the morning.  Thank you.

Tuning in

I am now on my 4th call of the day and no-one knows anything about an activation key.  

Hi @Chumphries

Thank you for your reply, we are sorry you have not received this. Homeworks is a thrid party company, you will need to contact them on the number we have provided.

I did contact them on the number you provided and they were unable to help.  I finally spoke to someone in Virgin Media tech support who sorted the issue for me.  The issue arose as I already had an F-secure account.  I had to create a new account, remove all the devices from the old account and re-add them all to the new account.  There was no activation key, it was all done from my virgin media account so it is very misleading.  I have however noticed that my subscription is only for 3 months so as I agreed to an 18 month contract I will have to contact Virgin Media again soon to find out why it is only added for 3 months.  Happy days!