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Contact from VM loyalty dept

Joining in

Hi I received a call from someone saying they were from VM Loyalty dept and asked that I provide characters from my security memorable name.

I refused to do this explaining that I cannot confirm her status. The call ended with the suggestion I ring VM customer service

I did this, it was confirmed the call was legitimate , that there would be a call back but that I could not call the dept direct. How am I to deal with this securely, given that we are told never to provide security details to an unknown source. How would  I know if someone called tomorrow that they truly are from VM ?.

Can you contact me direct via private message ?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Tomk25

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

We completely appreciate your hesitation with giving out personal information over the call. We're pleased to hear you're being diligent. 😊

Are you looking to make any changes in your package or upgrading? You can see all of your available options via your online account here.

Alternatively, we can send you a DM if you'd like us to go through your options or help you with anything else if needed.