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Tuning in

We have been using VM Broadband through OFNL fibre since 2022, at that time, XGS-PON was still under trial and the service was installed as a DOCSIS one.  The configuration is therefore a rather clumsily one, with fibre to a fibre-to-coax converter, then coax cable to my Hub 3, such configuration unavoidably cause increase in latency.  Not to mention Hub 3 is never a really reliable router.

As VM is progressively rolling out XGS-PON now, do you have any plan to convert these installations to XGS-PON?  so as to omit the fibre-to-coax converter and directly connect our fibre to a Hub 5x?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Yes RFoG installations, that’s what yours is, will be converted, but VM have not announced any dates. If previous history is used then VM do not announce these dates until they have started in an area and then only for that area. They consider it to commercially sensitive information to give out timescales. 

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