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Virgin Mobile is the worst internet provider

On our wavelength

I have subscribed a contract with VM on the 6th of January. I have never got neither external work not internal work done.

I have complained to the Ofcom and Virgin Media cancelled the contract before the legal duration of ONE MONTH that involve a compensation. They contact me again on the 3d of February to propose me a new contract. They argued that they will do everything in time and before the 19th of February. Today I have received a text informing me that the external work has been done. THIS IS A LIE AS I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE BROWN BOX INSTALLED OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE. Next Monday an "engineer" should come and set up the internal work without the external !!!

This is really the worst company I have ever seen, I lived in 8 countries and never got such a nightmare with internet and Virgin Media

I don't recommend you this company at all, go away and you will always find serious staff better than the indian and polish workers employed by Virgin

By the way, I will complain again to the Ofcom as they don't deserve their licence to sell fake services in the UK



Alessandro Volta

That's quite correct, but knowing how disorganised their installations are it would be as well to put it in writing. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

On our wavelength

They are a total disgrace, I am a university professor and I informed all my students to avoid Virgin services.

I am writing soon an article in a national newspaper to alert customers about the failing VIRGIN MEDIA

I have got an email yesterday informing me that the installation has been postponed again and now is scheduled for the 2d of March 2024.

This company is a total failure and I will do all what I can to reveal this to the public.