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Virgin Mobile is the worst internet provider

On our wavelength

I have registered for a new contract with Virgin Mobile on the 6th of January. The company should have done the external work on the 10th of January and should have installed the new box and the internal work on the 22d of January.

I have never got the external work done

I have never got the internal work done

I am a new customer and I already hate Virgin Media, their lies, their incompetence and their disrespect for customers. It is impossible to contact them and when you are lucky you have indian speakers who cannot even help you slove the probem. This is a total disgrace ! I will file a complaint at the OFCOM and ask for cancellation of my contract. Many other internet providers are more serious and more professional than Billionnaire Branson's company !!!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I think you need to alter the title from "Virgin Mobile" to "Virgin Media".

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