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VMO2 ripped off my mum with her contract

Joining in

So her contract for mobile was up for renewal and the person on the phone gave something like £15 per month for 1gb I showed her there’s literal offers of 20gb for like £8 so she called customer service asking to retract the upgrade and instead go for this offer since it was within 14 days instead they gave a second line and so I thought fine we’ll just transfer the old number to the new contract. Customer service are now saying u need to active the new sim when i literally have I’m literally sending messages with the new number and calling fine and they’re denying it’s active. Now we’ve had to go to store to sort it out and they’re saying it’s been over 2 weeks now we need to fork over a cancellation fee for the original contract since it’s been over 2 weeks. And I feel it’s literally customer services and VMO2 fault for almost taking advantage of an older women making her pay crazy amounts for a cheap mobile contract and then delaying everything so she wouldn’t be able to cancel within the cancellation period and I’m not too sure where to go from here. I’m prolly gonna try escalate it but idk if it’s possible to cancel for free.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey kinopmi,
Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that your mum is having with her mobile contract. We would not be able to help with such an issue from here. To have this looked into further you would need to speak to the team over at O2 to get this investigated further. You can speak to them using the methods here.

Kind Regards,