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VM Connect app can’t find hub 4

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I recently upgraded to 1gb data via Volt benefits. I did this in March. Ever since the upgrade was applied the VM connect app has been unable to connect to my Hub 4. I have tried every single solution that I have seen suggested. Hub reset, app deleted and reinstalled, data  cleared etc. I’ve been in touch with virgin multiple times. Multiple IT tickets have apparently been raised but I’ve never once heard anything back from the tech team. 

They have sent me a booster box which useless because it can’t connect to the hub.

I raised a complaint about the issue and their response was pathetic.

I finally managed to convince them to send me a replacement hub. But the replacement has exactly the same problem.

I’m totally fed up with this and really can’t bare the thought of having to phone them again for the 8th time! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Make sure your Hub 4 is properly set up and the internet connection is working fine. Place the Hub in a central location in your home to ensure good signal strength and avoid any interference from other electronic devices. Ensure that both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are enabled on your Hub. Some devices may only connect to one of these bands. Make sure your Hub 4 has the latest firmware installed. Sometimes, connectivity issues are resolved with firmware updates. If you're unsure about the firmware version or how to update it, contact VM support for assistance.