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Trespass onto my land

Joining in

My neighbour has subscribed to Virgin. I have not. Whilst I was out the installers have trespassed my garden, walked over my plants and used my fence to attached the Virgin wire without my permission. The wire runs all the way up from the path, nailed onto my fence then back into my neighbours garden to be connected. This is not acceptable.  I have rung Virgin numerous times and they said someone will remove it to-date this has not happened. Please can someone advice me what to do?  Thank you. 


Tuning in

Hi Steven, Sabrina, 

Unfortunately I have suffered the same issue as the original poster. My neighbour has recently had Virgin cable installed and this was done whilst so was away from home. The contractor has connected in front of my property and damaged my hedge and left concrete and crisp packets on my property whilst running the Green conduit through my garden.
My intention is to disconnect the cable at the pavement to prevent it entering my garden but I can see from this thread you have been able to resolve the reported issues. Is it possible you can resolve this? I would rather not leave my neighbour without service but then again I shouldn’t have  people trespassing on my property. 
My neighbour has a connection point in front of their property so this was totally unnecessary.

Thanks in advance