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Continuously moving and cancelling installation dates

Joining in

I recently moved home from North London to South London, and decided to carry on with Virgin Media. Big mistake.

The initial installation date was 1st April 2024, so far I have had already 2 installation dates cancelled due to “external work not being completed”. Last time they called to confirm my rescheduled installation date (which I did), this is then followed a couple of hours later with a installation cancellation email and another rescheduled date. I know that I am supposed to be owed a compensation package but at this pace I doubt the installation will go ahead anytime soon, given how bad the Virgin Media service is.

I have tried to make a complaint but I keep being misled by the Customer Service team who have no clue what they are talking about. They even suggested that in the meantime I get a WIFI Dongle and they will credit £30 to my account once I do. However they are incapable of sending me an email that says it clearly and that would hold them accountable for this!

The service offered by Virgin Media has been unacceptable. No sustainable temporary solution offered, no replacement WIFI router to help me and my partner WFH. Nothing. Because of them I am on the verge of spending months without WIFI. That’s why I’m thinking of changing provider.


That’s correct, I am an existing VM customer simply trying to move my contract from the old address to the new one. I even took the equipment (router, modem, etc) with me as they suggested. But yes, they failed to answer my questions, giving me the usual meaningless response.

I do have an existing 18-month contract I’m afraid which started in August 2023.

Though VM did claim to be able to service the area of my new address but they clearly can’t, given my situation. I can feel this is not going anywhere.

I had never heard of those £10 compensation per day. Thank you for that! I’d love to just cancel my contract on this basis but not sure where to start. Anymore tips?

Thanks again!



Hey @Amansoni Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had in relation to the services recently and the home move. 😢
If the area you are at doesn't have VM services then we can waiver the contract and remove the disconnection fees for you.

Please reach out to our cancellations team who can do this for you on 0345 454 1111.🧾

Let us know how it goes with the team.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Quick update, they have just pushed back my installation date again to the 7th May, which is 3rd cancellation within a few weeks. And of course they have been assuring me on the phone that external works were being carried out on the day of my call and that the installation would definitely go ahead on 27th of April. This was obviously a lie, as usual with Virgin Media.

So I am calling to cancel my contract as I speak and move to another provider.

I wouldn't rely on the installation dates or the work to be done outside. I have been without Broadband for nearly a month. I've been promised dates from them to do a repull, engineer appointments and activation dates, yet nothing being done in the background.

I wouldn't bother cancelling as you would lose your compensation claim. You're better off waiting it out and getting the compensation, this is what my plan is, with all my time wasted on the phone to customer services is ridiculous.

For me, I bought a 5G Hub and took out a pay monthly SIM plan with SMARTY to use for the time being. Works a treat.