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routing problems to Google DNS?

On our wavelength

(Manchester, VM broadband wired, everything else is working fine)

It looks like there's some routing problems, only to Google's DNS servers, and I'm failing to resolve any or similar;

traceroute/mtr to the IPs of ( ) and ns4 ( ) shows it intermittently failing in

It's working fine from my none virgin-media connections.

Down-detector is showing a big spike in Google problems centred around Manchester and London, so not just me; not sure if it's only VM or not.

Please forward to someone with a hammer near VMs corp routers.


Accepted Solutions

Hi All, 

We're very sorry for any issues you may be facing today accessing sites hosted by AWS. We are aware of this issue, affecting some customers, and this is being investigated, We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible and apologise again for any inconvenience. 


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Since this morning (11/06/24 8am), I am not able to access some sites. But I can access most of them fine.

e.g. I can access but not

From running various traceroutes it seems to be a routing problem with the aztw-core server.

Service status reports no issues in my area

I'm seeing similar issues in the Bristol area.

Dialled in

Am seeing strange DNS issues in the Bristol area. Can get to most sites but not anything Google related.

Tuning in

Same as BCEly, no access to any google services (search, gmail, Youtube) in BS4 (Bristol). All other services working fine and all google services fine when not connected to VM broadband.

Joining in

Same issue here BS31. Google Services intermittent at best on VM broadband, all other services working fine.

Same issue in 05 region.

Tuning in

Similar problems in BS21. No access to Google and some other sites.

Tuning in

Same issue here (Gloucester)

Dialled in

Same issue Trowbridge BA14