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one device shows "no internet" despite a good wifi connection. Other devices fine.

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I can no longer access the internet via my ipad despite a functioning wifi connection (according to the ipad) and an apparently strong signal. Other devices connected via wifi are working as normal, as is my PC which is connected via ethernet. The ipad was working fine until two days ago and all recent IOS software updates have been done. I have checked all connections, switched the router on and off, switched the ipad on and off, reset the ipad connections, reset the router several times... I suspect there is an issue with the router. Very grateful for any suggestions.



"I suspect there is an issue with the router" -  Why ?

If one lamp in your house stops working do you suspect it is a fault with the mains supply...

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Forum Team

Hi @Frustrated41 

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Sorry to hear that you're having issues with just your iPads connection to the internet. 

Are you able to see your home network listed on the iPad at all or are you seeing the network but it's showing '!' or 'no internet connection'?

Do you have any other Apple devices having the same issue or are they okay? Have you made any security changes at all to the hub settings? 

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