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XGS-PON down - South Wales, Caerphilly - second outage in 2 months.

On our wavelength


I am on XGS-PON with the Hub 5x. Internet has been down for 3 days, and the Hub has been flashing red intermittently since. This is the second time it has been down for 2+ days in 2 months. Powering off on the device for 15 minutes and turning back on/checking cables does not resolve the issue.

Checking the VM app and running diagnostics and viewing the status page, it shows everything as green. I phoned VM 3 days ago to log a fault and was informed that a red light means there is a problem with the VM network and that an engineer would be called out to visit me yesterday (8th) between 4pm-7pm.

Consequently, I booked the day off work so I could be there. The engineer was a no-show.

I phoned up VM at around 7:30pm to ask what is going on and was informed the following:

- There is a "known fault in the area.”
- The engineer visit was cancelled by VM because of this (I wasn't informed)
- There is a dedicated team who deal with this (whom first line couldn't get the number for and kept me on hold for 20 minutes whilst he looked, then ended up transferring me, waited another 15 minutes, and then the call terminated. Great.)

Trying my best to keep calm as I type this because I am livid; but I have some questions and concerns:

1. Why wasn't I informed, either via call/text/e-mail that my visit was cancelled?
2. I lost an entire day for a no-show and have been without internet for 3 days. Everything is tied to it. My heating, lighting, scheduling, smart devices. Everything. I also work from home so functional and stable internet is paramount. What can I expect in terms of compensation?
3. If you are aware there is a fault, why doesn't your app status page and Web page reflect this? If there is a fault, it should not say everything is fine - it should clearly show there is a fault. This is the second time your status pages have failed to give the correct information.
4. How long will this take to be resolved?
5. Will you be able to send an engineer out now given that there is an obvious conflict of information?

I would really appreciate a VM representatives input here. I want to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Kind Regards



Alessandro Volta

Your anger is understandable. 

You can expect a reply saying "this is not the sort of service we aim to provide". 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Knows their stuff

See this re compensation for loss of service and missed appointments

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

On our wavelength

Thank you both for at least having the courtesy to respond with some information. It's appreciated. See that VM? When a CUSTOMER has more drive and determination to help someone than you do - it's clear the problem is you.

I don't expect a response from VM whatsoever.  They've totally ignored any and all posts I've made since Oct last year (they cherry pick the easy ones and won't respond to anyone with legitimate concerns who are in the right 100%) so they live up to their TrustPilot rating of absolutely deplorable customer service.

Oh I should also point out that I was told last night I would have a call-back between 9:30am-11:30am today from the dedicated team that manages the Hub 5x.  Did I get the call? Did I hell.  Yet another missed appointment and absolutely ZERO care given.

VM - You need to sort yourselves out. Your lack of service delivery, lack of customer support/care and absolute carefree/lackadaisical nature are what everyone has come to know you by.  Obviously this thread will be utterly ignored because you are completely ignorant and you should be ashamed of yourselves.



Hello Malachor


Sorry to hear of the broadband service issues experienced and the problems getting this looked into. 


There is a specialised team who deal with the Hub 5x/XGS PON accounts, we have raised this with them to look into and feedback for the poor service.


In regards to the visit, any appointment booked where an area issue is later raised are automatically cancelled, this is the same for all customers regardless. We're sorry you weren't advised of the cancellation, our Auto Compensation Policy for complete loss of service over 48 hours can be found here as agreed with our regulators.


Once we get an update on the issue from the team we will update you here.



On our wavelength

Thank you, Rob, for taking the time to respond - you have broken the status quo and its appreciated.

I've just been informed by my partner (I'm currently in work) that there are VM vans outside the property as we speak.  We were unaware anyone would be coming today and weren't informed of this, however any visit at this juncture is welcome.  My only concern is my partner phoned up to make another appointment for an Engineer to visit tomorrow, which was agreed upon prior to these vans turning up at the property.  Do we now need to phone up and cancel this second appointment, or, are you able to do this on our behalf if possible?

Thank you for your time.


We would advise to keep the appointment for tomorrow just in case M.