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Joining in

Hi could anyone be able to tell me if the new XGS system has been installed in NE23 1EY area ? 




A clue XGS-PON is available might be if a 2Gb/s service is available or one can order a 250Mb/s or faster and upgrade to a full symmetric service for an extra £6 per month.

Reasons against XGS-PON being available - VM has been available for many years and no recent upgrade work has been seen at street level or on the telegraph poles. The services offered are all about 10:1 ratios for the Downstream vs Upstream.

if this is where you live, ask local folks which Hub they have - all XGS-PON systems have Hub 5x all CATV system have Hub 3/4/5.

I ain’t live there yet in moving there soon and I know they don’t have the open reach fibre 

as far as I’m aware virgin is ran via the poles in the new street. I did see a small box next to a big box on the way out today after viewing and all the new boxes in my area that I live now are the smaller ones so I’m hoping this means they have the new system 

Alessandro Volta

VM's XGS-PON is currently available over nexfibre's network, check out their rollout plan.

VM's XGS-PON on it own network is coming but I'm not aware of a publicly-available rollout plan.

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