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Wrong PON ID

Joining in



We initally ordered at the end of November 2023 however have had several engineers attempt to install however they keep running into an issue with the PON ID.

We have had 4 engineers attempt an install each to be told it is the same problem and it is outside of their control.

Initial install date was 23rd December 2023

Today it is March 28th 2024.

Aftter yet another unhelpful call to customer service I am no further forward and no idea when this problem will be resolved. I was previously told it would be sorted last weekend alas still nothing and no promise as to when I will get an update.

As always I am promised a call back in a few days, several times this has never happened. I am worn out chasing people so I can get connected.

I actually opened a complaint (C-240324124) at the weekend to try any avenue to move forward.

Complaint mentions that I will be contacted , and then is closed 4  hours later with no contact and no resolution.

Am I doing something wrong ?

What should I be doing ?

Contacting Customer Care / Pre-install Team  and several engineer visits , and I have no idea if I will get connected at all - I have no idea what is being done or who is responsible to get me connected or if anyone actually knows/cares that I am having issues.

Beyond frustrated


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Woza32

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

We're really sorry to hear you've had a poor journey with the installation of your services, that sounds very frustrating.

As much as we wish we could help, we're afraid that we cannot help with XGS-PON accounts from here. We do have a specialist ring-fenced team who you'll automatically be put through to when you call us on 0345 454 1111. They should be able to help you further and do everything they can to resolve your complaint.

Again, we're sorry that we couldn't be of more help from here.