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Wireless AP Recommendations

Tuning in

I recently bought a PFsense FW - did the whole modem mode config and everything on the LAN side is great. However, the wifi on the Pfsense is very poor Like 20 Mbps. Since it's never going to get up to the speeds I was getting on the hub 3 I believe I am going to have to buy a separate AP and configure that to deal with the wifi.

I would like some options for a decent AP since the FW will be handling the security - I just need something to handle wifi - very small environment and a handful devices so nothing major - but something reliable that won;t need to be power cycled frequently to get working again.



Alessandro Volta

Depends how much you want to spend and what facilties you need. You can spend £150 on an access point but it's not usually necessary.  One with external antennas will always give better range. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Ideally, something inexpensive as I've already shelled out on a pfsense FW with wifi which is not giving me decent wifi. The Virgin Hub3 has no external antennae's and I get great coverage anywhere in the flat over wifi. Plus 200 Mbits so that's what I'd be aiming for.