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WiFi.. What a let down again

On our wavelength
  1. Well yet again 21.23 the WiFi goes of all off a sudden!!!! What is going on **bleep**.. I pay well over what I do for the spend and it suddenly goes off!! Yet again.. I’m getting well sick of virgin.. I pay for reliability and it’s becoming worse..  I don’t want someone getting back to me saying have you done this that or whatever it’s just bull sort yiur shi@ out it’s getting worse!!!
  2. you say your the best I think different.. has anything come of the last time I complained about it !!! Has if f@&k 

Hi @Gilly1919 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies in the delay in responding and the issues that you have been having with your internet. Can I ask, has the issue been resolved since your post, or are you in need of further assistance? Please let us know.


No it’s not been solved it’s intermittent and various times of the day it can get quite annoying really.. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for coming back to us Gilly1919, I have looked further into your issues, our system has advised that we would need to send out a technician to look further into the issues that you're having with your connection. I can arrange the appointment from here but would need to confirm a few details via a private message, that I will drop over in a moment. Please look out for the private message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,