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Wi-Fi working on phone but not on other devices

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This morning my WiFi decided it would stop working. There are 3 iPhone users in the household - all of which remain connected to WiFi however all other devices (work laptop, PC, Alexa, Oculus, PS5, Ring doorbell, all smart tvs) will not connect to WiFi only our phones seem to work. Spent nearly an hour on the phone to Virgin, spoke to 3 different people who all suggested the same thing (reset hub, turn off and back on etc). I was then told the problem would fix itself in 24-48 hours?! Hardly helpful when I work from home and rely on my internet connection. Anyone had this problem and know how to solve it?


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Must admit I’ve never heard of a issue like this - could you try and get the router logs from one of the phones please? Doesn’t seem to be an area fault considering 3 phones are working (at least I think, definitely not on 5G?)

Go to and try and copy the upstream, downstream and network logs. You may need to get the settings password from the bottom of the router and reset the password before being able to check the status.

It will error the first time, but the second time it will post. 



I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @chlo1504 

How did you reset the hub? Did you perform a full factory reset?

When performing the pinhole reset, remove all ethernet cables from the hub, and keep the reset button pushed in for a timed 60 seconds, then leave the hub alone for 6 or 7 minutes whilst it settles down. 

This will reset the SSID, wifi password and settings password back to those printed on the base of the hub.

You will then need to connect your devices using the hubs SSID and wifi password.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Do check if the 3 iPhones are working on the Wi-Fi - odd they should work on Wi-Fi when all else has failed.
( unless some numpty has paused all the other devices )

The iPhones might appear connected to the faulty Wi-Fi service but actually be working via the GSM network i.e. on mobile data.   Where as the other device that don't have a SIM remain offline.

Thanks for your reply. The Wi-Fi on the phones stopped working this morning too. I can’t access the VM app to be able to pause devices as it says I have to be connected to my home WiFi. VM have said it’s a faulty hub and I have to wait 4-5 days for a new hub to arrive. 

Thanks for your reply. I did all resets possible. VM have said it’s a faulty hub and I have to wait 4-5 days for a new one to arrive. 

Thanks for your reply. The phones also stopped working on WiFi this morning too! VM said faulty hub and to wait 4-5 days for a new one to reply. 


"I have to be connected to my home WiFi " -   Turn off your VPN ... aka Apple Relay !

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Interesting - I’d suggest contacting VM (probably on X/Facebook - they are more helpful than Phone CS) to see if they can try and get a tech out (I thought they don’t usually send hubs out anymore and  it may be quicker) - there is the forum team but they can take a few days to respond. 

I’d also suggest making sure that this has been logged as a complete loss of service for compensation purposes.

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Hello chlo1504


Sorry to hear of the connection issues experienced, we appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


As you have mentioned, you have spoken to the team and a new Hub is on it's way. Once received, let us know how you get on.