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Wi-Fi range

Tuning in


Could someone advise as to what the range of the Wi-Fi is around the hub? I am thinking of having the hub centrally in the hall, and was wondering if this will give me enough range in the house and into the garden?



Any ISP's  hub or router alone is seldom enough for home coverage.
Just like 1 water tap or 1 mains socket would not be enough.

We have a Hub 3 in Router mode + two Wireless Access Points this provides good coverage in our home
on both levels and for twelve rooms. Outside near to the house Wi-Fi coverage is fine.

For in the garden coverage, an outside Wi-Fi Access point will required.
But do you need Wi-Fi for mowing and outdoor cooking on the BBQ !

hello,when you say wireless access point do you mean a virgin WiFi booster pod?



We do not have VM Pods, I am not interested in locked down network kit that belongs to an ISP
and worse that operate the VM Hub Wi-Fi in the most restrictive and the least compatible mode.

We have TP-LINK Wi-Fi Access Points.   Any reputable brand would be equally suitable.

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