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Wi-Fi hubs not showing as connected on hub 5 web page

Tuning in

I upgraded to the 1GB 2 weeks ago (self install of Hub 5), everything is working apart from the 2 Wi-Fi pods are not showing on the router web page as being connected on Wi-Fi. I phone the activation number last Sunday and got the pods paired with the new router. VM connect now says they are connected and working fine, but the router web page page says they are connected by ethernet cable, I tried customer services but as usual its a dead loss. Also tried resetting the hub but it still says the pods are connected by Ethernet cable. Has anyone got any helpful ideas as to what is happening? Please keeps it as simple as you can as a 77 year old is not as bright as he used to be.




If the VM Pods are working as expected, I'd put this down as an oddity of the Hub 5 and leave it at that.