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What a horrific experience that was!

Tuning in

Just tried to order a WiFi Pod.  What an absolutely awful experience.  It took an hour and 38 minutes!


I don’t get any coverage at the back of the house - it’s three storey but not massive (think two rooms for each floor).


I was originally told that I needed a Booster - when I asked what the difference between Boosters and Pods were I was told that pods were wireless and Boosters were wired.  Wired wouldn’t work as it’s on a different floor so I asked if I needed a Booster plus pods.  Was then told that they didn’t do Boosters anymore!


I could then only order one pod(!) which was cheaper if I ordered an O2 SIM.  So I did that.  I went through the whole order and direct debit process to be told the order didn’t go through as I already have two O2 sims through Virgin. I had told her this at the beginning of the process as I wanted to transfer one of my kids’ numbers. She also told me it was an 18 month contract and then when she went through the Ts and Cs it was actually 24 months.

She kept trying to pacify me and kept saying the same thing over again - plus she kept putting me on mute for minutes at a time.  

I honestly feel so upset! It was a needlessly laborious experience! God help me if I have to order any more as I was only allowed to order one! I need chocolate now!



It would have been a lot less trouble to just order a WI-Fi Mesh on Amazon & you would have ended up with a solution that might cover three levels !

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MrsG101

Thank you for your post, I'm really sorry to hear about the poor experience you had when trying to order a WiFi Pod with us. I'd really like to help and ensure everything is in place and a complaint is raised for you.