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WIFI Pods - slow speed

Tuning in

When I turn the WiFi pod on the speed drops to next to nothing. This has only happened recently though. It used to run fine with 60MBPS via the Pod but now it can be as low as 0.5. 


This seems to have changed in the last 4 weeks. Has anyone else seen  similar or any tips? 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi karlhiggi, thanks for reaching out on our help forums and sorry to hear of the issues with your Wi Fi Pod causing disconnections/slow speeds.
We'd love to best support you with this, it is odd that the actual pod is causing issues to your connection however we can check a few things to identify this issue, have a read at the advice below:

The Extenders may be placed to help with WiFi coverage. 
Do not place Extenders near the outside walls of the home. 
The Extender should not be blocked by metal, placed near mirrors or placed in the path of thick construction material that can attenuate the WiFi signal. 
If possible, reposition the Extenders to be closer to the core/middle of the home. 
The Extenders and the Gateway form a core backhaul network and should be within 2 rooms of another Extender or Gateway.

Please, make sure you adhere to the above and let us know if relocating the Pod to a different socket (mains) helps with the connectivity problems.

We need to find a happy place for it as seen on our page here, if you believe you need one more pod due to poor signal in parts of the house let us know and we're happy to help.

Can you also tell us how things look since you last posted?
Best regards,

Forum Team

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Tuning in

So my slow internet speed is on the garden office. The router is 6 metres away from the office and as i sit here I can see the router though the patio doors as it it located at the back of the house.

When the POD is turned off I get around 30MBPS download. If I turn the POD on however I get around 1-5MBPS download speed. 

It never used to be this way and used to get 60+ in the office but something has changed in the last few weeks. The speed of the POD in the house which are further away from the router is and gives 150MBPS +.

This is the speed with the POD off: 


With the POD on I get: 




Have you ran another scan via the Connect App? 

You may request an additional pod (up to 3) to resolve any coverage issues.  

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

On our wavelength

yes I have just found this, my connection is running at over 550 meg downstairs, but connect to thepod upstairs and it is 1 meg, rebooting doesn't work and the app says the pod has a great connection


Its so frustrating isn't it with no explanation at all. 

I have done this via Connect App and get the same results but it will say connection is great but slow speed. My upload speeds are the same, its just the download. 


I have 3 pods already as have a few blackspots in the house which is mad for a 3 bed detached house t not be able to cover it all!

Hey @karlhiggi,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear this is still happening to you, would you be able to provide us a screenshot of you running the speed tests, could you also try connecting via a wired connection to the Pod? Once we have these we are able to see what might be affecting you. 

Please also make sure you don't have any VPN's connected when running the speed test.

Thanks. Joe

I have the same issue here. I ordered 3 Wifi pods from VM (one at a time apparently). When the third pod was added to the network, it dragged down the whole internet speed. I checked the Wifi pods status on the Connect app. When all 3 pods were connected to the hub, it showed 'Fair' status. But when I disconnected the third pod, it showed 'Great' status for the other two pods. I followed the instructions and I placed the one pod about 3m away from the hub, then placed the third pod about 5m away from the previous pod. It's absolutely useless when the pods (all 3) are not working properly at all.

I reported the issue to VM customer service. The guy I spoke to did a test and said he couldn't find a fault, then the next thing he tried to give (sell) me an option to have 250MB for £27 a month. Well, if the Wifi pods are not working properly, what is the point to have a faster internet connection? I was absolutely puzzled and frustrated!


Thank you for reaching back out to our community, sorry to hear you are getting low speeds with your Pods, so I can have a look for you I will send you an invite into a web chat, look out for the white envelope to accept.