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Virgin Media Broadband Hub Wifi 6E...

Tuning in

When will Virgin Media have a Hub for Broadband which has WIFI 6E?



What advantage does the 6 GHz band provide in a domestic environment ?

Fibre optic

Hopefully never.

If VM starts dishing out 6E/7 routers then my area will be flooded with interference. I'd like to keep the new band as clear as possible for as long as possible, thanks.

I remember back when 802.11b and g was out, no one else in my neighbourhood had WiFi... Today there are approximately 60 different 2.4Ghz networks in my vicinity. Same thing with 5Ghz, 10 years ago, no one in my neighbourhood had 5GHz wifi. Then Virgin Media and other ISPs started handing out 5G routers and now there's interference left right and centre.

Hopefully domestic ISPs will stay away from WiFi 6E/7.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

At least the 6Ghz band has much less range than the 5Ghz band and this should help with interference. I’m using the 6Ghz band, channel 53 and 160Mhz for my iPad Pro and iPhone with no interference.

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Alessandro Volta

Why not get your own router with that wifi VM don't have to do anything but give us modem mode for then what we want


Alessandro Volta

6GHz loses even more signal through walls, so there would be even more complaints that VM routers aren't covering a whole house. There will be even more need for full mesh installations. 

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