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Virgin Hub 5 or 5x - modem mode or WiFi off

Tuning in

So I've joined Virgin media. My fixed line speeds locally have been 15mbs and so I've been using 5g broadband via Three with good speeds, however their network is pretty unreliable.


I believe I'm getting FTTP via XPON, there's a large black box on the nearest pole.


Does this dictate what router you'll get the 5 or 5x.

I've been using a Deco mesh in access point mode , so no real need for modem mode, but on my 5g router I have disabled WiFi which is recommended for access point mode. 

On the Hub 5 I've read that WiFi keeps coming back on if disabled. Can you disable WiFi on the 5x and does it suffer the same problem?



The Auto Channel algorithm of our Hub is equally poor especially on the 2.4GHz, band, but far worse is the loss of Wi-Fi Compatibility the moment Wi-Fi Optimization is enabled. Too many forum threads report ... with Wi-Fi Optimization disabled our laptop, printer etc can now connect are working fine. We avoided the VM Pods knowing they require Wi-Fi Optimization to remain enabled.

... and I have always avoided Router Mode (as well as the Superhub 1).

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)