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Unable to RDP to home server

Joining in

I have recently had a Hub 5 installed and since I can no longer RDP from my desktop PC to my home server (which just sits in a cupboard, no monitor or keyboard).

Is port 3389 blocked?


Fibre optic

VM's router can't block ports within your local area network.

I think what might have happened is when you got the new Hub, your server has detected the new network and set it as a "Public" network, which would harden the Windows firewall on your server and block Remote Desktop connections.


Do you have any other services running on your server, and are you able to connect to these? maybe a HTTP on port 80 or FTP on 21?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I would never use RDP, it’s very unsecured. 

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Alessandro Volta

arr yes windows firewall I just set my settings to use Public then add rules then deal with it not knowing if it should be Public or Private which make no sense if it Private because it can access the Public internet or if you have a web server how is that Private.