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Smart devices - connection issues

Tuning in


I know this has been raised a number of times, but I haven't found a solution that works for me. I just subscribed to Virgin last week and haven't been able to get any smart plugs, bulbs etc to connect. This seems to be primarily for those which use the Smart life app though others are affected too. 



I have a Hub 4 having moved recently. (Had a Hub 3 in a previous property & area)

I had 2 plugs and 2 bulbs in my old property - with no issues. 

I have tried:

  • Turning off 5ghz on the Hub settings - and tried to just use 2.4
  • Seperating the 2.4ghz SSID completely
  • Pairing the devices using all available options 
  • Turning off smart Wi-Fi/Channel Optimisation

I'm using a Hub 5, which I believe, with WiFi 6 should be backwards compatible.

Is there any other configurations which will help solve this? I'd really prefer not to have to set up a separate home network.






Thank you for posting this advice Client62.

Did this advice help are you still needing some assistance? 

Matt - Forum Team

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