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Renaming WiFi Pods not working

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I have been attempting to rename one of my two WiFi Pods as it has somehow picked up the name "Lounge Pod (2) (2)" when it should only be "Lounge", being the only one at that location. If I select in Devices/Network in the VM Connect iOS app, (version 12.42.14) on my iPhone 15 Pro Max (iOS 17.4.1) and touch the arrow where it states "Placed in Lounge Pod (2) (2)" and then attempt to assign to a room, I press "Continue" but it will not allow me to rename the location. I tried this previously and this has resulted in the same (basically correct) Lounge location being picked up but it only adds yet another number in brackets following it. I simply want it to read "Lounge". If I try picking up a different room in order to then return to Lounge, it picks up "Living Room (2)" but does then offer me the opportunity to edit the name. So, I then make it read simply "Lounge" but now it tells me "A room with this name already exists"!!! I know it exists and I want to allocate the WiFi Pod to it as it should have been and did originally.
When I view this information on my Windows 11 desktop login, everything looks normal and correctly named; it is only the Connect app that is, as ever complicating the issue and showing an incorrect location name.
If any clever person out there is following this and/or knows the frustration that is the VM Connect app, please could they kindly advise me on how to rectify this issue? I can of course live with it as it is but it is just plain annoying! Many thanks in advance.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Almedia,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, so9rry to hear you have been unable to rename your Pod Via our Connect App, if you have not yet been able to do this we will be happy to help, I have sent an invite into a private chat, please look out for the white envelope.