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Port forwarding?

Joining in

I have an unit connected, having a web server and other TCP utilities. Set up with static IP When addressing from inside the network, all is fine.
I am setting forwarding of both 80 and 9500 (80-80, 9500-9500), but when approaching from outside, the unit does not respond, like the ports are not forwarded?


Alessandro Volta

Use hub in modem mode and test that works then get a router with 1Gb ports that works.



Are you configuring the port forwards on a VM Hub in Router mode or on a 3rd Party Router ?

Do the ports 80 and 9500 appear to be open or closed when probed from the public internet ?

In router mode, it is a router, isn't it?
Closed when probed.

Alessandro Volta

If you want to do anything other that basic default settings, it's best to use your own router.

Port forwarding is a simple operation that should work on a VM Hub, but for the small cost of a new router you will have total control of everything you need to do. 

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