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On-going poor experience after a cable has been cut in the road

Joining in

We have had an absolute torrid time trying to get a damage cable fixed in the road that is not through any fault of our own (Wandsworth Council roadworks caught the cable), and because they only damaged it and did not cut the cable in its entirety, I am not getting any form of reimbursement for not being provided the service we are paying for. We pay for 250mbs and since the weekend of the 17th February we are still only getting 10mbs, which regularly drops out to no connection at all. We had an engineer come out on the 21st of February, who highlighted the cable was damaged from the roadworks that were on going at the time and that the cable would be replaced in a maximum of two weeks. He also demonstrated the drop out, but reiterated that because the cable was not cut meaning zero service he could not get us any reimbursement. I felt this was unfair as he demonstrated it drops out, so I sat on the phone for almost 3 hours to a call centre overseas (which hung up on me 3 times for whatever reason) to eventually find out there was no recollection of the visit that took place on the 21st of February and that an Engineer would be required to come out on the 5th to tell us the exact same thing. However, whilst on this call they proceeded to book a cable replacement for the 6th despite there being no recollection of the first visit. The visit for the cable replacement took place yesterday however, they said they were unable to pull the cable, rescheduling for the 25th of the March due to the extent of the damage. Now we are going to be without internet for over a month with no reimbursement, but instead a cost uplift of 8.8% has been sent to all customers, for the privilege of this type of service. The customer service has been absolutely shocking with no communication or reasoning behind why the issues are occurring with fixing the problem. When you talk about the unfairness of no reimbursement to the call centre, despite having it demonstrated by the engineers that it drops out, they still say you cannot be reimbursed as it is not a full service drop out issue. It's an absolutely disgusting type of service from a company as big as they are, of whom I may add, will also likely be getting the money back and then some, from the company that caused the damage to their cables (working in construction I can tell you this will happen without fail). I have seen that this type of thing regularly happens, so if you do have any roadworks happening on your road, I would suggest you can see if you can review the times it is occurring and get in touch with the council over what to do in case of this event, because the pain we are incurring trying to seek reimbursement is horrendous. At least this way you may get some form of reimbursement from your council to compensate for the lack of service being given by Virgin as the call centres are an absolute waste of time.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Is it only you with the issue or are other neighbours similarly affected?

See these re. the VM compensation scheme.



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey JAFOX08, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

I have taken a look and I can see you've spoke to the team since this, did they manage to help or look into this at all? 

Matt - Forum Team

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