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NordVPN Cannot be accessed

Joining in


Since around 1:45pm on Tuesday 04-Jun UK time, I have been unable to access NordVPN.

  • The website is inaccessible
  • The NordVPN app cannot connect to any of it's servers
    • The app gets stuck on "Finding a server" and never connects

I've used a pin on my Hub 3.0 to reset it, however that's not fixed the issue.

My account does not have parental controls on. I have turned the on then off to see if that changes anything, but it does not.

The issue persists across one PC, two laptops, a tablet and two mobile phones. When on wi-fi I cannot access anything NordVPN related. When using my 4G connection, I can access NordVPN fine. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


On our wavelength

Your diagnosis would suggest that parental controls / web safe / Childsafe are actually on and filtering despite what the website might say.

Just to check this, on a PC suppose you change the DNS server to be anything other than VM's, say Google’s, on - if it suddenly now works, then that’s proof positive that it’s VM’s web safe getting in way despite what it might claim.