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Internet completely cutting out every few minutes, 100% packet loss for a split second.

Tuning in

A few days ago, on Monday 1st April, the internet was down for everyone in my postcode, it came back on 2nd April at around noon but since then my internet has been randomly cutting out on all of the devices in my house, some are wireless and some are wired with ethernet cables.

I will be playing a video game and every few minutes the internet completely cuts out for a split second so for about a second every few minutes I get 100% packet loss, as you can imagine this is not ideal for gaming at all.

I'm wondering if there is still a partial outage in my area or if something happened to my router after the outage was fixed, I have reset my router twice now by unplugging it for about a minute and then plugging it in, i've also unplugged all the ethernet cables and plugged them back in, none of this helped.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this? Keep in mind I had ZERO issues before the outage in my area a few days back and didn't mess with anything during the outage or afterwards, it was only when a couple of days passed and I was still getting the issue that I started to troubleshoot.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you very much. 


I'll try this after work tomorrow.

Do I just click OK or OK SSL and paste the results here or do I have to add your VPN connection to my settings first?

I apologise that I am asking a lot of questions, my knowledge of this stuff is limited. Thank you very much once again for all the help.

The tests are only if needed the problem your having my tests do not help you in this case


Sorry, I just realized that you were not asking me to do your tests.

When you asked "Do you think you can BQM VM WAN gateway IP for checking?" What do you mean by this and how do I do this? Thanks again

Like you setup BQM for the IP your on having you ping VM WAN gateway IP on BQM is just to see if that has a problem too. I'm not sure if router mode pages shows you this it will not be like

one way to find is go here for which will show you your IP and Host name like

IP Address Lookup (IPv4 & IPv6) (

you then take your IP and change end number to .27.1

which is not the VM gateway so you change 26.1

the gw is the gateway your on to setup a BQM


On that first link you sent ( the IP it shows under "WAN" is the exact same IP address as the one I originally put in the BQM and linked to you earlier. Is there a second monitor you want me to make?

The other links you send don't work, they give me an error that says "refused to connect."