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Hub 5 no internet

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I am getting No internet. Have called the status line and no issues in my area. Have tried switching router off and back on. Have tried hard reset several times, over a minute each time. On hard reset the router goes through white solid light, white flashing light then sits at blue flashing light.

When logging into the router and running status, I get the following result. I have booked a technician appointment via the app, but the earliest appointment is Tuesday pm. That leaves us with at least 1.5 working days (working from home) with no internet. 
Please help!



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Thanks Kath. Yes the issue is now resolved

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Keep an eye ( ear ) on 0800 561 0061 the automated service, reporting faults for your street.

From the Hub menu at you may get a further clue as to the technical reason for outage.

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How did you manage to get an appointment so early, they set my appointment in more than 2 weeks from now and I have almost the same problem. Please let me know how was this resolved.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Help_Me, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear that you were having issues with your internet connection. Checking things here, we can see that after reporting your issues, a fault was found on the network. The reference for this is: F011228436. 

It looks as though this has since been resolved however if you are still having an issue with your services then due to the type of hub and connection that you have, we're unable to support in the Community. You'll need to contact our specialist team so they can help further. Please call the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111. As long as you're calling from the number we have as a contact number for you, this will pop you directly through to the team you need. 


Forum Team

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Thanks Kath. Yes the issue is now resolved

Turned out it was a wider problem than just our house. it has now been resolved, so our internet is back up and running.

The Virgin app and phone number both continued to say there was no issue throughout, so definitely won’t trust them again!