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Hub 5 Firmware Downgrade

On our wavelength

Hi All,

My Hub 5 was updated to firmware  LG-RDK_7.6.10-2306.5 which remedied all of the various DHCP issues I was experiencing and WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode connectivity issues (rendering 5GHz broken with all devices on 2.4GHz only).

Also it fixes issues with PPTP which I have experienced with work connectivity for over a year now.

After opting into the "Smart Security" my hub became a broken mess requiring pin reset. It reset to factory on LG-RDK_6.9.35-2302.6. I disabled the "Smart Security" which is anything but smart given it's broken my Hub 5 again (which after a year of failing to even do basic operations such as issue an IP address over DHCP was like a blissful heaven).

I have waited several weeks and attempted reset again but the device is not acquiring the updated firmware. Can somebody review the Automated DOCSIS Firmware Management config, as CM stock should be confirmed to upgrade in real-time, via boot time upgrade or at a predetermined scheduled date as far as I am aware. Clearly it's not real time, nor is it applying on boot. If you can schedule it sooner rather than later it would be much appreciated, else it's service affecting with no end in sight. 



This level of firmware fragility reaffirms using a Hub 5 in Modem mode is the only dependable option.

Alessandro Volta

@jk1990 wrote:

After opting into the "Smart Security" my hub became a broken mess requiring pin reset.

Trial New Hub 5 Smart Security - Virgin Media Community - 5444555

called it😋


On our wavelength


The most fabulous part of the so called smart security is it sends all DNS requests to another country over this wonderful network that brings with it a questionable approach to peering and backhaul, via groundbreaking variability of latency. 

Whilst many claim “it’s cable,” as someone who’s lived in the USA it’s absolutely not standard for cable to create BQMs that appear like some sort of mole hill.

It’s very new to me. When I was a student here in a 9 bed house the single band sky hub (behind a sofa) was not touched all year and handled 30 to 60 devices (considering socials held and constant footfall). Best of all it seemed to send WiFi equally in all directions. This was 13 years ago. It was 40 Meg. 

Fast forward 13 years and we struggle to retain the allocation of 15 numbers over DHCP to 10 light bulbs and a few mobiles laying on the side of the sofa. It feels like I’m trying to setup networking before windows included any networking software on DOS. That's the sort of reliability this hub has. 

I just love that it’s got WPA3, you can choose security or 5Ghz. You turn one thing on, it turns off something else. A hub of enormous opportunity cost.

Now, I’m going to hit reply but my smart security that’s protecting me with the generic issuing of “protected you against password theft” is a bit slow with the DNS somewhere located somewhere in the ether. 

I do hope you get this before next week as it checks all my packets via enforced DNS interception (the only thing that works so well is the only thing I hate) and manual four eye checks of my entire browsing history, and Alexa voice logs in Bombai. 



The hub 5 makes me think of Pinnocio as the antenna must point forwards like his big long nose. It’s like a beam of light out the front that goes narrow and far (behind the hub you may as well be in a metal panic room you won’t see any WiFi). 😂



Alessandro Volta

The more people that use modem mode the less Sh!t VM will do and we can all have better internet


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jk1990,

Thanks for posting, and sorry there's an issue with the firmware on your hub, was the previous firmware update via a trial or naturally rolled out?


On our wavelength

It was naturally rolled out, I am not part of any trials that I am aware of. The connection just worked, as it did before I joined Virginmedia on every other isp I’ve had (sky, BT, TalkTalk). Since joining I’ve had endless issues with DHCP, reboots, WiFi going off and on and off and on, 5Ghz vanishing, resets on its own accord. This was the only period where my connection seemed half decent and that smart security has reverted me back to what feels like the stone ages before internet began (as watching it cycle around reboots isn’t much fun). 


HI jk1990 👋 thank you for getting back to us. 

Sorry to hear about these issues with your Hub! Having taken a look for you, there are no local outages affecting you at the moment but there are quite a number of disconnections registering on the hub from in the past week, including several yesterday. 

I'd like to offer further support with getting this sorted for you. We may need to send out an engineer or a replacement hub if needed. I will do this for you now via PM - you can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! 🌞