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Hub 3 solid red power light

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Hi All,

My hub 3 is suddenly showing a solid red power light which I understand to be a fault. Having rang the customer service line they insist it isn't an issue, yet everything I have read here suggests it is an issue that requires a replacement device.

I have done a few complete resets of the router and the light still shows red, it's out in the open, well ventilated and not hotter than I would expect always on equipment to be. The internet speed both WiFi and ethernet also keep randomly tanking.

Any help or suggestions would be great.


Joining in


It's getting worse. Also not amused at the call centre employee trying to sell me a more expensive "faster" package instead of trying to resolve the issue.

Hi rych1981

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Hub and for the experience you had with the team. A red base light on the Hub 3 can indicate that the Hub may be overheating, so after going through preliminary checks, we'd always check this out via a home engineer visit and get the Hub swapped if needed.

I've sent you a private message so I can take your details and arrange this with you