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Hub 3 WiFi opened to public itself

Tuning in

WiFi is open to everyone, no password required. 

This is what I have done :

Pin hole reset for 60 seconds. Factory reset via and no change. After every reset wifi is open to everyone and after every reset takes wifi 40 mins to show up. I can access Internet via Ethernet. On settings everything looks fine. I have changed the channels, name, passwords etc and no change.

I have followed the VM steps "how to"  but nothing helped. 



From the Hub 3 menu page : Admin >>> Info
what is shown for ...

Hardware version :  
Software version :

Alessandro Volta

VM new wifi made easy



What is reported could suggest there is a Wi-Fi AP or Wi-Fi PLA and that is how their kit is staying connected.


first three lines


Hardware 10

software 9.1.2208.100


Our Hub 3 has the same build, the minimum Wi-Fi password length is 8.

In our situation we could change the Hub 3 SSID and Passwords and our devices would still connect to Wi-Fi because we have two Wi-Fi Access Points that would continue to offer the original SSID and Password as is configured on our laptops and mobiles.

Got a TP-Link Wi-Fi extender or similar doing the same in your place ?

No, I don't have extender


It would be very interesting to see screen shots of a device connecting to the Hub 3 Wi-Fi without a password.

Especially keen to see the security warning messages that result from a mobile or laptop.

The only warning is that it is not recommend because it's not safe 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

So as I understand this your Hub takes 40 minutes after the reset to broadcast the WiFi SSID that’s printed on the bottom of the Hub?  This SSID is then joinable without a password or other security? Also you have no other WiFi devices in the house broadcasting?

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