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Hub 3 Wi-Fi issues

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Mobile phones in house have started to experience Wi-Fi issues within the last month or so. 
Wi-Fi itself does not drop, it’s pretty much full signal throughout house and outside,  but no data can get through to phones. Android and 2x Apple, all different models. It just stops working. I have a hub 3, same one for about 7 years. 
I have changed router settings to WPA2 as I know there’s security issues with iOS 15/16, I have to come off Wi-Fi when browsing any websites/ games etc for pages to load. It’s not all the time so intermittent. Router is in same place it’s always been and no structural changes. 

Router has been reset x3, I’ve been asked to do a speed test when it happens, but surprise surprise the page doesn’t load because no data can get through. I come off Wi-Fi and data comes through. I don’t know if there’s been an update to router firmware or iOS that’s causing it?
virgin appear to be stumped and have not helped at all. They cannot see Wi-Fi drops from their end or the router, but I’m having to come off Wi-Fi to use my phones in the house. 


Accepted Solutions

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Disabling channel optimisation looks to have been the fix for me on this one, if anyone else is having problems. We have not had a drop since switching this off. I’ve monitored for a few days now. 

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Connecting to the Wi-Fi but not able to access the internet is exactly what is seen when Wi-Fi Pausing has been used to block access to the internet.

Hey @Brewster82,

Sorry to hear that this has been happening for you, as advised by Client62, it could be due to the devices being paused, have you checked via the Connect app, to see if these devices have had the WIFI paused on them at all? You can run this check here.


On our wavelength

Thanks for the suggestions, got the app, no devices are paused. Still getting drops, in data processing. Speed is fine when it works. 


Photo to prove I have full Wi-Fi signal but yet no connection. I came off Wi-Fi to download the app, then back on and it works fine, until the next loss. 

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know this.

Are the other devices okay or is it just the phones that are being affected?

If its just the phones have you tried to unconnected and reconnect the WIFI? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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We have a Hub 3 in Router mode these are our Wi-Fi settings...

            Wireless Security



At the moment it appears to be all mobile phones, we don’t tend to use the iPad and laptop (but old and slow anyway)  2 pcs are hardwired and have no problem. 1 phone is android, 1 iPhone is an 11, latest ios, and another is iPhone 13, latest ios. The iPhone 13 was only purchased 2 weeks ago. I have reset net work settings on both just in case. Router has also been reset whilst on phone to VM support and I’ve also done this myself twice. Issue only started happening about 6 weeks ago now. Nothing has changed in house, router hasn’t been moved, no additional set ups or random electronic items near router etc all as normal. 

 3 phones, 1 android and 2 iPhones, both on latest iOS, one being a 13 and one an 11. The 13 is a new phone from 2 weeks ago, both have had network settings reset, router also reset 3 times. Once on phone to VM. Photo shows trying to connect to hub with full Wi-Fi, but again no data, no wireless devices are paused. 


Thanks for coming back to us Brewster82 and I'm sorry that you haven't been able to gain access to the Connect App and all of its features. 

I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,