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How to give positive feedback for technician

Tuning in

Hi there, how do I go about giving positive feedback for the technician that installed a new system at my home today? I don't have access to the email account on record (where the survey email is being sent!) but I think his service needs rewarding. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you - PJ 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello pjfitz


Thank you for taking the time to post in regards to your recent visit. We're pleased to hear the technician visit was a good experience and that you have taken the time to raise this via the forums.


We can check this and ensure the technician and they're manager are made aware of this, credit where credit is due. You mentioned issues with an email account, is this still causing problems?



Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your reply. He was really great, I've attached his name and what I think is his service number below: 

Adam 79164 

Re the email account, yes unfortunately this still isn't working. I did ring to speak to someone and they were very helpful, but it still says my inbox is unavailable. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. 



Thanks for letting me know pjfitz, I'm happy to pass the feedback on to Adam and his manager.


What did the team advise during the call? Did they raise this with our support team or advise the next steps?



Thanks so much Rob, that's great. I hope he will get his £10! 😄 

The team member said they had reset the password, but I tried to log in and got the same message. I tried again an hour later (as advised by the message on the webpage) but got the same thing. I know there was a pause put on unused accounts and I did not log on for a very long time, could the account have been deleted? 

Many thanks for all your help I do appreciate it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply. pjfitz. 

We can definitely check the email account for you and make sure its still active. 

To do this, I will just need to pop you over a private message to take a few details. 

This will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 

Speak soon, 



Hello Robert could I please leave some positive feedback too. I can't find any other way to do this. My name is Andrew Macnamara and my account is removed. I had a technician come on Saturday morning and he was fantastic. Please could you let him and his manager know how exceptional the technician was please if at all possible? His ID is 59654 sadly he didn't leave a name.

Many thanks

Andrew Macnamara.

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Hello Andymac1980.

Thank you so much for your positive post and feedback for the engineer that attended.

So we can make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

Can I send you a private message to get some details please.

Once that has been done we can let his manager know.

If you can check the Logo top right of your screen that would be great. 


Thank you very much for those details Andymac1980.

I will make sure the feedback gets passed on for you.

Whilst you are on here, Is there anything else that we can help with?