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Joining in

Ordered broadband and all installed super efficiently.

Then I tried to use it.  After many hours it was apparent that the smart devices I have are not going to connect to the HUB 5X.

Tried calling, long waits on phone and chat. Eventually got through to a super-efficient and helpful person who put me through to "tech support".  And that is when it all started to go downhill. I was told that "I have checked and there are no problems with your router or the Wi-Fi so if you want any help you'll have to pay." So, the order got cancelled!

I then search these forums and it would appear that this is a known problem, so I suspect the "technician" didn't want to waste his time.

Why doesn't Virgin tell potential customer of this issue?

Order cancelled but I can't help thinking there is probably a solution, just no desire within Virgin to work out what it is.



The solution for IoTs and older laptops that do not see WI-Fi 6 from a VM Hub is to provide those devices with a more compatible 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 4 connection using a Wi-Fi Repeater like RE450/AC1750 or a similar Wi-Fi access point, in many cases the lowest cost AP offering 2.4GHz only is perfect.

A pity to have cancelled when a simple solution was on hand.

Alessandro Volta

Buy a better router with 1Gb ports or better double NAT wait for VM to do modem mode for your hub


The laptops and desktops connected with no problems.

However, none of the smart devices, or printers, would connect. I was told by Virgin that I would have to replace all of the devices that wouldn't connect but I chose to replace Virgin media because it was quicker and a lot cheaper to do.



From Amazon £20 TP-LINK Wi-Fi access point would have resolved this problem instantly !

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It sounds like an easy fix. You would have to seperate the old 2.4ghz signal with the new 5ghz signal so your old incompatible smart devices can use the old standard and all your other stuff can make use of the faster 5ghz signal