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HUB 5 not connecting WINDOWS devices

Joining in

We have had our Hub 5 now a year and a half at lest I’m guessing.

This last week it has taken a dislike to EVERY computer we have that is Microsoft OS. All the Apple laptops we have , no problem. Neither too are all the consoles, phones , pads etc ….. Just anything that is Windows as an operating system. 

Frustratingly, every Windows device went this weekend and we need it sorted as we work from home. Sadly every VM support call went to a. All centre in India I’m guessing , who were not very good. Hopefully come Monday, a UK centre will be more accommodating.

Any ideas ? The time we have had this , I am actually guessing there has been an update somewhere that has knocked something off.

Thanks in advance. 



Wise owl

What do you mean by 'went'?

Are they still connected to the network, however, have no internet?

If you open up a command prompt (Type CMD in the start menu) and type ipconfig what IP address does it return?

Hi Carl

what am i looking for ? 

Alessandro Volta

Which Windows devices and which WiFi bands are they connected to?

Have you rebooted the hub?

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

Hi Roger,

it’s my HP laptop with i7 core and it’s on 5hz.

its connected to net, but no content is forthcoming. 

yes we have reset it many times today .

The IPv4 address:

They all say “Media Disconnected”

Wise owl

So that device doesn't even have a network connection it would appear.

Try a full HUB reset (Pin hole press for 15 - 30 seconds).

If I do that again, I’m going to knockoff the other windows machines I’ve finally got going ? 

Did you do a full reset, or a reboot, the previous times?