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Google Doorbell (Battery) not finding WiFi

Joining in

I have a hub 4 and have been using it for a few years with no issues. I have tried to set up a ‘smart home’ with google products and most seem to connect perfectly fine with the WiFi network without having to change any hub settings. I had a TP Link Powerline adapter to help the WiFi situation downstairs which also connected the doorbell in the settings. This powerline has now broken and without it I tried to connect the doorbell to the normal WiFi (which is actually in a closer position than the TP link was.

Issue I am having now is once I have removed the old WiFi from the doorbell in the google home app, and even factory resetting the device, when I go to connect to my WiFi network, it doesn’t show up at all. Other VM WiFi’s are shown from neighbours but not mine. I thought it was a faulty doorbell but it had previously worked with the TP Link Powerline and I have also been able to connect to my phone’s hotspot with no issues at all.

WiFi is working perfectly well on all other devices, just having issues with the Google doorbell and Nest smoke detector. I have tried spitting up the 2.4G and 5G bands on my router, reset the hub, reset the devices and still no luck. Without this, currently I have no working doorbell and have to be on constant look out for deliveries/ miss them and collect from a depot.

I feel my only choice now is to pick up a third party router and change my hub into modem mode and hope that works unless anyone has any suggestions. Many Thanks in advance




Random system changes and resets lead to confusion and are seldom a way forward.

If the TP Link Powerline adapter has broken, would in not be most logical to replace that one item ?

The TP Link had a weak connection that caused outages anyway. It is being repaired but I want to be able to use my main WiFi network which is closer to the doorbell. Resetting the devices is what has been advised and shouldn’t cause any confusion.