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Dynamic public ip not changing

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Hi, I’m trying to change my vm public ipv4 address. I have tried resetting the hub 3.0, going into modem mode also but i dont have a router (modem mode not ideal as others in the household use wifi) I also don't want to keep the wifi off for long period since its being used most the time.

I have contacted vm and they said they don’t have the ability to change the IP it will change itself but I'm sure I've had this IP for a very long time now. Any help appreciated thanks.


Alessandro Volta

Yes having a IP for a long time is good most of the time then having it change when your gaming.

modem mode is the only way to change your IP so get a router with 1Gb ports  


Alessandro Volta

The reason that VM can't change your IP address if you stay in router mode is that it is dynamically issued and then remains "sticky".  If you switch off for a week (or whatever), when you switch on again, you might get a new IP address, particularly if your old IP address has been assigned to a new customer.

Modem mode is the answer with your own router (and there will be a better experience).

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Very Insightful Person

You should look at the reason why you need to change the IP address. Most people are very happy with having a ‘nearly fixed’ IP address.


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Alessandro Volta

Yes. Most people are very happy to keep the same address. If there a problem that you could resolve another way? 

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What technical issue do you hope to resolve via a different Public IP ?