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Can virgin help with relocating my router into a different room

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Hey all,

I am wondering if it is possible to move my router into a different room in my house to get a better signal everywhere in the house and to also get ethernet into my son's gaming room so he can play with no packet loss. Is this something virgin can help with? I would want to relocate it from my living room into one of the bedrooms. A simple solution would be to run ethernet outside the house but I've got some quotes for it and it seems to expensive so maybe through virgin it might be easier?


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For more info, the bedroom I want to have the router is upstairs and on the back of the house. the current one is downstairs in the front of the house so it might be hard to move.

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VM will relocate your hub, if it’s possible, for £25. They will not do Ethernet cabling at all. Best to get a couple of quotes, because it should not be too expensive. Another option is to leave the hub where it is, get the Ethernet cable connected to upstairs and put WiFi access point upstairs, one that also has Ethernet sockets for you son.

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By the looks of it, if virgin can help its the cheapest option. do you know how i can go about setting this up

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@n_glover wrote:
By the looks of it, if virgin can help its the cheapest option. do you know how i can go about setting this up

VM might be the cheapest option but might not give you the outcomes you are hoping for.

VM won't install ethernet cables for you. An ethernet wired connection, however, would be best for your son's gaming.

VM will relocate their own equipment for a flat fee of £25 for things like relocating the router (where they would, most likely, run a cable around the outside of the house from front to back, assuming there are no practical difficulties with doing that, such as a terraced property).

Ideally though, for a single wi-fi router, you want the router in a central location relative to the rooms you want covered by its wi-fi signal and with minimal obstructions between the router and wi-fi users. The wi-fi performance of VM's hub's, however, is generally rated as poor on here no matter where it is located.

Other options which are often put forward on here include putting the hub into modem mode and getting your own router with better wi-fi quality, or modem mode and using a mesh wi-fi network, or installing a standalone wi-fi access point to cover wider areas of the home.

If you decide on the VM router move, the VM forum team can arrange a tech visit for you when they reply here, usually within a day or two.

yes hopefully that is something virgin can do. also sorry for confusion, the room i wanted to move the router to is my sons room therefore giving him direct connection to the router

Hey n_glover, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are having some signal issues.

We can get this organised for you however it would be a one off charge of £25.

Have you considered WIFI pods, they may help your signal issues and depending what package you are on they could be free. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Okay, I would like arrange it then. I want to move the router into a bedroom on the second floor around the back of the house and next Wednesday in the morning would be the ideal time if that is something you can do. I already have WIFI pods but they are not reliable for gaming causing packet loss and such.

Thanks for your help

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hey n_glover thanks for your posts and replies. 

We'd love to help out with the hub relocation, I will message you here privately so we can process this together.
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I have just moved into a property and the broadband box is in the living room opposite side to my sons bedroom. In the previous house virgin put it into his bedroom so he could have Ethernet cable run straight to his ps5 we have upgraded to the 1gbph package but can see a significant effect on his gaming.