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All Amazon Echos suddenly have no internet connection, all other devices unaffected

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I woke up this morning to all 4 of my echo devices to claim that they cannot connect to the internet.

 - All other devices in the house work fine (laptops, TVs, tablets incl fire tablets, fire TVs, phones, etc.).

- The echo show, shows that it is successfully connected to wifi.

- Changing echo devices to my or my wife's phone's mobile hotspot solves the issue. Moving back to virgin home wifi connection, back to "cannot connect to the internet".

- Turned off all echo devices and router, turned all back on, problem persists.

- Contacted Amazon support. After extensive help and suggestions from them, this cannot be resolved. From their end they simply see my devices as being offline.

So, the fact that only echo devices are affected, not other amazon devices, and that the problems disappear on connections other than virgin media wifi points to an issue with virgin/my router.

Anyone else experiencing the same or have any advice on how to resolve?



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Same here, all mine are showing as offline in the Alexa app too. All they do is show red and keep saying ‘sorry, I’m having trouble understanding right now’. I did the same troubleshooting as you and all my other non Alexa devices are working correctly. I got a broadband speed upgrade recently and am wondering if it might be related.  It's doing my head in!

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I have the same problem. Except all my 2nd generation Echo Dots are effected but not 4th generation. This occurred as a direct result of rebooting my router after the 250MB free upgrade email. I’ve completed all the usual troubleshooting including resetting my Echo Dots but nothing has resolved the issue.

Virgin Media team - has there been some sort of software update that has caused this and when can it be resolved? 


Yep, same here… Gen 3s came back online after reconfigure but older ones are not connecting to wifi.

Annoying that an automated update causes an internal issue (although yeah I know, I could use modem mode and my own mesh).

happy to hear of any workarounds or solutions!

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Exact same issue for me. All Alexa enabled Sonos devices down, and if I go on the Alexa iPhone app, voice activation works when using cellular data but not when I connect to wifi.

it is a network issue and Virgin will need to fix.

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Update: After still being hoofed earlier this morning, mine are all back to "normal". I have no idea if it's coincidental, but I downloaded the Virgin Connect app to my phone to check in case the hub had paused the devices, as I saw on another forum that this had happened to someone else, nothing was paused. Checked the hub again via the laptop in case the devices were blocked, went through all the settings to check and no IP/MAC blocking. All looked good, exited and tried talking to them again. Lo and behold, a response! Every one is connected and working.  Thought I'd share, just in case this is useful....

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Same here, really annoying since I control my smart home with them. 

Has anyone heard if virgin have responded to this, and when it will be sorted?

Same here since yesterday morning. All hue lights still work through the Alexa app, 3 2nd gen Dots don't, an Echo plus with hub, doesn't work, the first gen show in the kitchen is working fine.

I cannot believe there is no response from Virgin.

All gen 1/2 devices working this morning with no changes by me… seems that whatever happened overnight Saturday has been sorted.

The g3 devices I went through the setup with yesterday are continuing to work.

Just completely restarted my router to factory settings, absolutely no difference.

Something Virgin have pushed to the boxes has stopped them from enabling Alexa to access the internet. My whole house runs from them, lights, alarm, heating etc. Even my washing machine, that though is an absolutely thing useless as I still have to load and unload it so remotely running it is a bit of a nonsense 🙂