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Set Up Media Account

Joining in

Hi I can not set up my media account, the verification email sometimes comes through then says it has expire. Tried to call to sort but nothing gets sorted. As a new customer I am feeling very frustrated with Virgin at this present moment.

Any help would be most gratefully received


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lewisd224


We're sorry to hear of the issues setting up the online account for your new Virgin Media services, we appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


It can take a few days for all of the information to filter through and allow you to set up your online account, can you confirm the date of installation and when the services were activated?



Joining in

Hi Rob

The installation was completed on the 26th March and was activated on the same day. I have tried everything possible to set up  the media account and just receive the same message if I do get a response that the link has expired even if I click on it immediately.

Thanks Darren account [REMOVED] site id 21



[MOD EDIT: Personal information has been removed from this post.]

Hi @lewisd224

Thank you for expanding on this for us. Please respond to the private message that I'll be sending to you shortly to take some further details and we can take a closer look from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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