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My Virgin Media app not working

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I recently renewed my package and ever since I have the My Virgin Media app doesn't display my package or service status.  I have tried the app on another phone it is exactly the same. I have removed it added it back on my own phone its exactly the same.  Everything is upto date on my phone and when I log into my account on the website it works I can see the package and service status it just wont display it on the app.

Screenshot_20231114_103238_My Virgin Media.jpg

Screenshot_20231114_103247_My Virgin Media.jpg



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jakelly,

Thanks for posting and sorry for any confusion with the app and billing, I've popped you over a private message to get a few more details from you.


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Hi @Jakelly did you manage to get your My Virgin Media app fixed after your package change? I am having the exact same issue with the app since I changed my Virgin package on Tuesday (14 November) and wondered how you got on. Thanks. James

PS. For any Virgin Media staff who read this my app is Version 23.6.0 on iOS 17.1.1 and all the details on the main Virgin Media website are correct and showing the updated package/contract. 

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Hi JayRobbo1989 not yet they have raised a ticket with their IT department to look into it. 


Hi Jakelly, thanks for the update and reply. 

I am at a loss to why the app can’t show my new package details when it is all correct on the main website. I tried everything I could think of to see if it fixed the issue but nothing works.

Including: 1) Signing out and back into the app, 2) Deleting and reinstalling it and 3) Putting the app on THREE devices (iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad 6th Gen and Sony Xperia L4 - all on version 23.6.0 of the app and on the latest software release for the relevant device). 

I even tried turning my router and TV boxes off and back on again thinking that might reset my account or something like that haha. 

Come on Virgin Media get your act together and fix it please!!!

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So I called 150 from my landline and the “advisor” told me that apparently it takes 7 days for the new package information to be updated on the My Virgin Media app. Now whether or not I was being fobbed off there and he didn’t have a clue what was wrong or how to fix it is another question all together. 

My package was changed on 14 November so will wait until 22 November to see if it gets updated or not, if it doesn’t then I will definitely be raising a complaint to Virgin Media. 

Hi JayRobbo1989,


Sorry to hear of the MyVM issues regarding your package details, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


From what you have advised it appears the package change has completed if your online account states the right details, it can take a few days for the details to update in the app but shouldn't take 7. When reviewing the app and deleting and uninstalling, did you clear the cache and reboot the handset/device?


If not can you give this a try as it may help bump the app to show the up to date details. Let me know if this works if not it may need to be raised with out support IT team.





Hi Rob, Yes I have tried everything in regards to troubleshooting the app issues on my devices but nothing is working and the problem is still not resolved. 

The simple fact that it’s the same outcome and issue on THREE different devices (iPhone and iPad running iOS and a Sony Xperia phone on Android) clearly indicates that the issue is with Virgin Media and nothing at all to do with my phones or iPad. 

I’m starting to regret changing my package now to be honest, if I knew that there would be this much trouble or issues I would’ve kept my old package going forward. 


Hi @JayRobbo1989 thanks for your reply, I do appreciate this is frustrating so please accept my apologies.

Please expect a PM from me to arrive shortly so I can look into this further for you, kindly respond when you can!
Many thanks


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          Is there any update on this? A job was raised weeks ago and it is still not fixed.