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Complaint about not honouring an agreed contract

Tuning in

I have made a complaint and want it resolved. The service from virgin has been disgusting. The complaints process says I can track it in my cases however I have looked everywhere and can’t see that as an option. Please tell me how I access it. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mcconpa, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've had an issue which has resulted in you needing to make a complaint. If you've raised one via an official channel then this would be viewable within My VM here:

If you've written in then it can take up to 28 days from the receipt of the letter for us to be able to record this on your account so this could be why you've not been able to locate it. 

  • Can you please let us know the following so we can provide the right help & support for you?
  • Please let us know when and how you made your complaint. 
  • Were you given a complaint reference number? (Just a yes or no answer will be fine here. Please do not put the reference number if you have one)
  • Please let us know what issues you have been having so we can understand more about what your complaint is regarding. 

Once we have your answers we can then either advise where the best place to go for help or we can pick this up and take into a private conversation to help you further from here. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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Thank you Kath.

complaint was made on Saturday 17th Feb.

yes to complaint reference number.

The simple facts. I gave notice to leave but then agreed a deal at the last minute. I received a contract confirming the new deal. I also received another contract at a higher level but was told not to worry about that and all amounts would be adjusted. I received the new hub and returned the old one. All good. Then you took 4x my monthly amount via direct debit. I have gone on webchat and phoned you spending hours on it. People have told me they would get back to me - James is one name. Nobody has. I was told the refunds team have a service agreement of 10-14 days.  I heard nothing. I cannot speak to them. On web chat I was then told I had not accepted the original deal. I was fuming. 
How can you say I have not accepted it? You sent me the new hub. I would never have agreed the higher deal as I was leaving you any way based on an offer at a lower level. 
As I heard nothing I cancelled the next payment due at the higher level 2x what we agreed. I then raised the complaint via the link on your website.

You have not honoured what was agreed. That is where we are but I am having to do all the chasing.

i am at at the stage now where we cancel the whole lot and I go elsewhere. The complaint is the last attempt for some one to listen and resolve.




We understand your frustration Paul and the experience isn't the level of service we aim to provide. The first bill after a change of package is double as it covers two months due to paying in advance. Complaints can take up to 28 days to resolve, Kath asked how this was raised to help give an indication of timescales?


Which team did James work on? Did he give a timescale for wen they would contact you back?



Complaint was made on your website using drop down boxes.

not sure where James worked. I just used the usual customer service number. That was weeks ago and he said he was working with his team manager and would get back to me that day possibly the day after.

i guess the question is - do you have a customer service management system that holds this information on my account? What records of client conversations do you hold and what is your records retention policy? It should all be there. 

I know your response date is within 28 days. I hope it does not take that long. If needed I can send the contract I have on email. 

I cancelled the direct on debit on 14th February. My complaint was sent on 17th February. 28 days will then be 16th March. Your no-reply email to cancelling the direct debit said I needed to make a payment. I am not proposing to do that. What happens to my service is the complaint takes 28 days to resolve?



Cancelling the Direct Debit may cause issues with adverse information being recorded against your credit file Paul, non payment can lead to suspension of the service. All interactions should be noted on the account regardless of their content, ranging from package queries to changes to faults so all details should be there for the team to follow when investigating.



Joining in

They have done exactly the same thing to me, trying to charge me £249 per mth for a contract that was agreed as £66 per mth. refuse to correct their error. I think a class action lawsuit may be the way to go as their customer services are absolutely useless! PM me if U agree

Okay, but equally you should not just be able to take incorrect funds from my bank account?  I would ask that you refrain from any such actions until a full investigation has been carried out. Do you agree that seems a reasonable approach? Conversely I believe I also retain an option under the direct debit indemnity scheme to have payments refunded in quick order. 

Hi @mcconpa, thank you for your response.

That's correct. You can file an indemnity claim through your bank if you choose to do so.



Is there an answer to my request that you do not take any action until the investigation is carried out?