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email change on virgin account

Joining in

I logged in my Virgin media account as wanted to change the email for logging in and receive communications but was unable to do so. It gave an error message, 2 days I am trying. It is ok up to a point but cannot receive the final email for verification. Also the new email is with Proton, is it a blacklisted email provider? Even when registering for the Virgin Media Community, could not get the verification email, only when changed to gmail was able to proceed. What should I do? The old email won't be in use for long. Many thanks for any help/suggestion


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Marux, 

Thanks for joining our Community Forums! 

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your emails 😥 
Are you still a Virgin Media customer, or have you cancelled within the last 90 day?

If you are still a customer, then please check out our Email Management Page that will have helpful information for you.

Let us know!